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Michael J. Black is elected member of Leopoldina

01 June 2021 News Tübingen

A director at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Black is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of computer vision.

Germany’s National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina announced on Friday that it has elected Michael J Black, founding director at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Honorarprofessor at the University of Tübingen, and Cyber Valley speaker, as a member.

Leopoldina Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems University of Tübingen Meshcapade Body Labs

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“The diversity of perspectives is incredibly valuable”

21 May 2021 News

Interview with Christina Elmer, Cyber Valley Journalist in Residence

Christina Elmer gains deep insight into the work of the Cyber Valley research consortium as the first participant in the “AI and Journalism” journalist-in-residence program. During her stay, the deputy head of development at the news magazine “Der Spiegel” will be looking into the exciting question of how AI can be communicated.

Public Engagement Journalist in Residence Artificial Intelligence Journalism

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Your questions for artificial intelligence

17 May 2021 Blog Post

Invitation to the survey of the “AI and Journalism” journalist in residence program

How does artificial intelligence feel in everyday life? Hard to say! For people without expert knowledge, it is often hard to understand where they come into contact with learning systems. At the same time, however, they learn from public discussion that AI systems can now take over all kinds of tasks or even decisions. Translating speech into text, analyzing satellite images, selecting borrowers, to name just three examples. Many areas of application, little transparency – this causes uncertainty. And those who want to learn more about the technology often search in vain for the exciting details.

Public Engagement Journalist in Residence Artificial Intelligence Journalism

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“People want to be able to trust the machine”

11 May 2021 News Tübingen

Samira Samadi leads the “Human Aspects of ML” research group

Having studied math in Iran and completed her PhD in machine learning (ML) and computer science at Georgia Tech in the US, Samira Samadi considers herself a “completely technical person.” However, in recent years she has begun pursuing more interdisciplinary research, with a particular interest on exploring the impact of machine learning systems on people.

Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Fairness Samira Samadi Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Tübingen AI Center University of Tübingen

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“Clusters4Future”: TheranosticValleySTR reaches second round

10 May 2021 News

BMBF announces finalists for future clusters

TheranosticValleySTR (STR = Research and Economic Region Stuttgart, Tübingen, Reutlingen) represents the concept for an innovative future cluster to not only fundamentally improve diagnosis and therapy of cancer, infectious and neurological diseases, but also – through a paradigm shift and novel prevention strategies – to prevent them to a significant extent.

TheranosticValleySTR Clusters4Future BMBF University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Cyber Valley Health Artificial Intelligence Theranostics

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New podcast online: AI in the world of work

05 May 2021 News

The latest episode of the podcast “Direktdurchwahl” podcast is now available

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of work has already begun. Combined with increasing digitization, AI will change the working lives of many. While some traditional professions and business models will disappear, completely new ones will emerge. One thing is clear: work as we know it is on the cusp of a fundamental transformation.

Direktdurchwahl Podcast Public Engagement AI Work Fraunhofer

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A modular building platform for the most ingenious of robots

29 April 2021 Press Release Stuttgart

Playground of new possibilities arises in constructing miniature soft-bodied machines

A team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS) have developed a system with which they can fabricate miniature robots building block by building block, which function exactly as required.

Metin Sitti Health magnetic soft machines Wenqi Hu self-assembly robots micro robot micro machine 3D pixel voxel

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“I see myself as a moderator who organizes dialog”

08 April 2021 News Tübingen

Eight questions for Patrick Klügel, Cyber Valley Public Engagement Manager

The Cyber Valley Public Engagement Program was recently launched with several activities, which aim to make science more accessible by promoting dialog between society and AI researchers. We spoke to Patrick Klügel, Cyber Valley public Engagement Manager, about his role in moderating this dialog.

Public Engagement Dialog KI Gesellschaft Public Advisory Board Research Fund

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Ready, steady, go!

07 April 2021 Press Release

National AI competition enters new round

This year, students can once again demonstrate their skills and implement their ideas using the tools of artificial intelligence (AI). The national AI competition (Bundeswettbewerb KI, BWKI) opens its doors for the third time and invites students from secondary schools to deal with AI.

BWKI Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz Schüler KI Künstliche Intelligenz AI Public Engagement

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Kickoff AI!

06 April 2021 Press Release Stuttgart

Exploiting the economic opportunities of artificial intelligence

With a series of ten studies, the Fraunhofer AI Progress Center is highlighting the potential benefits of AI applications for different areas of industrial production and services. As part of the Cyber Valley research consortium, the interdisciplinary research teams of the Fraunhofer Institutes IAO and IPA support companies in advancing AI-based applications and their commercialization.

KI-Fortschrittszentrum Fraunhofer KI-Anwendungen Lernende Systeme Marco Huber künstliche Intelligenz maschinelles Lernen

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AI for rent

05 April 2021 Press Release Stuttgart

Comparison of the four providers AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft

To use artificial intelligence (AI), a company does not necessarily need specialist staff. A Fraunhofer study shows how small and medium-sized enterprises can proceed instead.

KI-Fortschrittszentrum Fraunhofer KI-Anwendungen Lernende Systeme Marco Huber künstliche Intelligenz maschinelles Lernen AWS Google Microsoft IBM

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Making the virtual world even more realistic

31 March 2021 Press Release Tübingen

The MPI-IS gains an expert for capture and synthesis

Capturing the real world, synthesizing, and realistically modeling people, objects, and rooms so that a viewer no longer notices the difference – Justus Thies has set himself ambitious goals for the coming five years. His research has already made a significant contribution to making video content more photorealistic. This comes with a huge responsibility. As facial reenactment is continuously improved, it is increasingly difficult to detect deep fakes, for instance. By gaining knowledge about the creation process, Thies aims to put a strong emphasis on designing more advanced forgery detection algorithms that can recognize and flag fake video content automatically and reliably.

computer vision Justus Thies neural capture deep fake fake news avatar neural voice puppetry facial reenactment facial video synthesis

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“We’d like to make complex dynamical systems better able to adapt to changing conditions”

26 March 2021 News Tübingen

Michael Mühlebach recently joined MPI-IS as leader of the independent Learning and Dynamical Systems research group

Mühlebach’s research is supported by the prestigious Branco Weiss and Emmy Noether Fellowships

Machine learning dynamical systems control theory optimization algorithms

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Cyber Valley launches public engagement initiative

18 March 2021 Press Release Tübingen/Stuttgart

The research consortium’s “AI and Society – Exploring Possible Futures” activities are set to be rolled out in March

Set to be launched this month, Cyber Valley’s public engagement initiative aims to make research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) more accessible and to promote dialog between society and AI researchers. Initial activities were announced on Thursday at a meeting of the Tübingen City Council. The “AI and Society: Exploring Possible Futures” activities will run on a regular basis and comprise a range of formats that are targeted at a broad range of social groups.

Public Engagement AI Society Dialog Podcast Journalist in Residence Public Advisory Board

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Underwater swimming robot responds with feedback from soft 'lateral line'

18 March 2021 Press Release Stuttgart

“Modeling and Control of a Soft Robotic Fish with Integrated Soft Sensing” published in Wiley’s Advanced Intelligent Systems journal

A team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS) in Germany, from Seoul National University in Korea and from Harvard University in the US, successfully developed a predictive model and closed-loop controller of a soft robotic fish, designed to actively adjust its undulation amplitude to changing flow conditions and other external disturbances.

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Robotics Fish Motion Harvard University

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Teilnehmende für COVID-19 Studie gesucht

12 March 2021 Press Release Tübingen

Künstliche Intelligenz soll Früherkennung eines schweren Krankheitsverlaufs ermöglichen

Von symptomlos bis schwer erkrankt – COVID-19 Erkrankungen nehmen sehr unterschiedliche Verläufe. Alter und Vorerkrankungen gehören zu den bekannten Risikofaktoren, doch warum manche Personen schwer erkranken und andere noch nicht einmal merken, dass sie mit dem Virus infiziert sind, darüber ist nach wie vor wenig bekannt.

COVID-19 Max Planck Uniklinik Tübingen Studie Bernhard Schölkopf Maschinelles Lernen

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Harnessing the power of AI for robotics

26 February 2021 Press Release Stuttgart

In the second funding phase, “Cognitive Robotics” is expanding the research spectrum of the Fraunhofer AI Innovation Center.

As a part of Cyber Valley, the AI Innovation Center “Learning Systems” operated by Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IPA supports companies in their efforts to exploit the economic potential of AI. Across a total of 44 projects, feasibility studies and solutions for practical applications have already been developed. With total funding of EUR 23 million, the “Cognitive Robotics” Center at Fraunhofer IPA will expand the organisation’s service portfolio in this area from 01 March 2021.

Fortschrittszentrum Lernende Systeme Fraunhofer Marco Huber Artifical Intelligence Baden-Württemberg Künstlicher Intelligenz Robotics

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Cyber Valley: “The place to be”

25 February 2021 News Stuttgart/Tübingen

Baden-Württemberg has the most AI and robotics professorships in Germany

According to the state of Baden-Württemberg’s recent statistics, there are already more than 180 professorships for artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics at the state’s universities. This puts Baden-Württemberg ahead of all other German states, according to a government press release.


Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Robotics Professorships Baden-Württemberg ELLIS AI Breakthrough Hub

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Cyber Valley Start-up Network continues to grow

23 February 2021 Press Release Stuttgart/Tübingen

GaussML and Smart Site Solutions rely on AI software to optimize production processes

Cyber Valley is expanding its Start-up Network with GaussML and Smart Site Solutions. The two companies offer artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software solutions for optimizing production processes. Founded in November 2019, the network for young AI companies from the Stuttgart-Tübingen region has now grown to 19 members.

Start-up Network Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Optimization

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Engaging in critical reflection on intelligent systems

17 February 2021 Press Release Universität Stuttgart

New IRIS research network founded at der Universität Stuttgart

What is the impact of intelligent systems on society? The newly founded "Interchange Forum for Reflecting on Intelligent Systems" (IRIS) at the University of Stuttgart aims to address this question. With the election of Junior Professor Maria Wirzberger (Institute of Educational Science) as speaker and Professor Steffen Staab (Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems) as her deputy, the research network has now kicked off its activities.

University of Stuttgart IRIS Interchange Forum for Reflecting on Intelligent Systems research network artificial intelligence ethics society

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Artificial intelligence supports medical prognoses

16 February 2021 News

Using COVID-19 as an example, a machine learning method predicts patients' individual mortality risk

Estimating the risk of patients dying is arguably one of the most difficult and stressful challenges physicians face. This has been especially true in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with doctors around the world repeatedly confronted with difficult decisions. In the best of cases, they have been able to adjust treatments and save lives. In the worst case scenario, however, physicians have to allocate scarce beds and life-saving machines in intensive care units. An international team led by researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent System has now developed an algorithm and trained it with machine learning methods to help medical professionals with mortality predictions. The algorithm can also be trained to predict mortality risk for other diseases, and thus support physicians in decision-making processes.

Covews COVID-19 machine learning mortality risk predictions

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Cyber Valley is poised to expand, grow even stronger, and become more international

05 February 2021 News

Hector Foundations to fund expansion of Stuttgart/Tübingen AI research center with 100 million euros

With a total of 100 million euros over at least ten years, the Hector Foundations are funding the establishment of an ELLIS Institute (“European Laboratory for Learning & Intelligent Systems”) in the Stuttgart/Tübingen region. The investment will help create attractive research conditions for top scientists at the new institute.

Universität Stuttgart Universität Tübingen ELLIS Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme Hector Stiftung

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Sometimes too convenient: AI under the microscope

02 February 2021 News Tübingen

Scientists from Tübingen and Toronto call for stronger testing procedures for algorithms

The achievements of artificial intelligence (AI) are usually regarded as success stories: AI translates texts with impressive accuracy, detects cancer in some cases better than doctors. However, it is often forgotten that AI also makes mistakes. An international team of scientists has compiled the various forms these take in a perspectives paper. In it, they focus on how AI learns and how things can go wrong, even though the algorithms perform well in standard testing procedures.

Shortcut Learning Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

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Cyber Valley Professor listed among top researchers at the Wirtschaftswoche Ranking

20 January 2021 News Universität Stuttgart

Prof. Alexander Brem at the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science of the University of Stuttgart is listed among the Top 0,5 % of researchers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Moreover, he takes place 153 in the life's ranking, which consists of all scientific publications of a professors' career.

Ranking Economics Business Entrepreneurship Technology Digitization

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Progress in the field of Brain-Computer Interaction: scientists take BCI research out of the lab and into the real world

15 January 2021 News

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen and the University of Vienna have introduced MYND, an open-source software that allows people to participate in brain-computer interaction (BCI) research from home, without expert supervision. Their research could take the field a decisive step forward: MYND can complement laboratory-based basic research with human-computer interaction experiments in a range of real-life environments. The researchers are confident their approach will provide a viable basis for further research on accessible use of BCI in daily life.

Brain-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction MYND

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Research team receives 1.5 million euros to develop algorithms that learn with child-like curiosity

13 January 2021 News

The grant is part of a Volkswagen Foundation funding program that aims at establishing an interdisciplinary network of experts in the field of self-learning AI

An international team of scientists at the Max Planck Institutes (MPI) for Intelligent Systems and for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen, as well as at the MPI for Educational Research in Berlin, is receiving funding from the Volkswagen Foundation to develop novel learning algorithms based on the theory of childlike curiosity. The team aims to translate curiosity and interest into program code that promotes self-motivated learning behavior in robotic systems.

Autonomes Lernen interdisziplinäre Forschung lernende KI

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A real “gamechanger” for AI in the next decade

17 December 2020 News Tübingen

Chancellor Merkel gives go-ahead for “AI Breakthrough Hub” – which will be funded by the federal and state governments as well as the Hector Foundation

The German Federal government and the State of Baden-Württemberg have announced plans to significantly increase their support for Tübingen as a location for excellence in AI research and innovation. In the years to come, several hundred million euros will be earmarked for research and development in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) – including 100 million euros from the Hector Stiftung, a foundation founded and run by SAP co-founder Hans-Werner Hector. Among other things, the money will support “Hector Endowed ELLIS Fellowships” for outstanding researchers in machine learning and related fields.

AI Breakthrough Hub Tübingen AI Center ELLIS University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Hector Stiftung

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Teaching machines to see like people

10 December 2020 Press Release Tübingen

Researchers in Tübingen develop new approach to 3D-aware image synthesis

With Generative Radiance Fields for 3D-Aware Image Synthesis (GRAF), scientists from the University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have vastly improved the quality of machine-generated 3D images of single objects.

NeurIPS 3D-aware image synthesis Computer Vision University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

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Public Advisory Board publishes mission statement

08 December 2020 News

Independent committee defines core task, contexts, and consequences of its work

The Cyber Valley Public Advisory Board (PAB) has formulated its missions statement, which defines the independent committee’s core task, as well as the contexts in which it operates and the consequences of its work. Founded in 2019, the PAB’s central role is to evaluate the ethical and social implications of research projects that receive support from Cyber Valley Research Fund.

Public Advisory Board PAB

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DFG continues funding of Tübingen research centre

04 December 2020 News Tübingen

Growing understanding of human vision

The Collaborative Research Centre SFB1233 “Robust Vision – Inference principles and Neural Mechanisms” has been approved by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for another four years.

Visual perception neural mechanisms University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics LMU Munich DFG

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Robert Williamson moves to Tübingen

26 November 2020 News Tübingen

Machine Learning Pioneer from Australia will become Professor for the “Foundations of Machine Learning Systems” at the University of Tübingen

Prof. Robert C. Williamson is one of the pioneers of the field of machine learning, and his work and commitment have had a tremendous impact. Having worked at the National University, Canberra, Australia, for most of his professional life, he will start his position as Professor for the “Foundations of Machine Learning Systems” at the University of Tübingen in spring 2021. The W3 professorship has been set up in the context of the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science”.

Robert Williamson Machine Learning University of Tübingen Cluster of Excellence

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Representatives of the Swiss border cantons visit Cyber Valley

20 November 2020 News Tübingen

The one-hour event at MPI-IS focused on cross-border cooperation

As part of a virtual government meeting with the state of Baden-Württemberg on November 20, the seven Swiss border cantons of Aargau, Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, Thurgau and Zurich visited Cyber Valley.

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NEC Laboratories Europe and Cyber Valley research institutions sign MoU

19 November 2020 Press Release Heidelberg/Stuttgart/Tübingen

Memorandum of Understanding for future AI collaboration also outlines support for regional start-ups

Two leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) research, have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for future close collaboration: NEC Laboratories Europe and the Cyber Valley research institutions Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), University of Stuttgart and University of Tübingen. This represents an ongoing effort between the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and its partner province, the Prefecture of Kanagawa, Japan to join forces and support the development of AI technology.

NEC Laboratories Europe University of Stuttgart University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems MoU AI Research Start-ups

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Another record in popularity: IMPRS-IS receives the highest ever number of applications

17 November 2020 News

The doctoral program of the Cyber Valley research cooperation again exceeds all expectations. In its recent application round for its fifth generation of Ph.D. students, IMPRS-IS received a record number of applications, with women making up a third of all applicants. The applicants, who come from all over the world, are eager to become part of the highly renowned multidisciplinary research landscape in the Stuttgart/Tübingen region.

IMPRS-IS AI machine learning graduation doctoral program ph.d. program computer vision robotics

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Schüler finden außergewöhnliche Lösungsansätze mit Hilfe von KI

16 November 2020 News Tübingen

Vermisste Haustiere finden, ein intelligenter Blindenstock, Grundrissplananalyse und Erkennung von Blatterkrankungen – am Wochenende wurden die diesjährigen Gewinner des BWKI gekürt.

Der Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz (BWKI) hat am Samstag die besten Projekte gekürt und die Gewinner am Abend in einer Livesendung verkündet. Zuvor hatte die hochkarätig besetzte Jury über die Gewinner des Wettbewerbes entschieden, nachdem sie am Vormittag jedes Team einzeln in einer Online-Konferenz zu dem jeweiligen Projekt befragt hatte.

BWKI Tübingen AI Center Universität Tübingen Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme

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Bioinspired cilia help understand which movement pattern generates maximal fluid flows

12 November 2020 Press Release Stuttgart

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, develop artificial cilia that can be programmed to move in waves. In experiments, the researchers show how the millimeter-small cilia can pump viscous liquids just as effectively as their natural counterparts. Their research helps shed light on the mystery regarding which movement pattern generates a maximal fluid flow. Published in Science Advances, their findings contribute to a better understanding of the biomechanics of real cilia, and to the development of miniature robotic pumping devices that could one day be used inside the human body.

cilia cilium Metin Sitti Physical Intelligence Department miniature robots medical devices Science Advances

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Cyber Valley institutions once again among Germany’s top ranked at leading machine learning conference

10 November 2020 News Stuttgart/Tübingen

In total, 31 papers from Cyber Valley have been accepted to the upcoming NeurIPS 2020 conference

With 31 accepted papers, researchers from the Cyber Valley ecosystem are set to make a strong showing once again at the upcoming 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS). In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s leading conference for machine learning is going to be held online from December 6 to 12.


NeurIPS Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems University of Tübingen University of Stuttgart Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Bosch IMPRS-IS ELLIS

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Metin Sitti receives the «Breakthrough of the Year» Award at the Fallings Walls World Science Summit in Berlin

09 November 2020 Press Release Stuttgart

A Director at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Sitti is one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of physical intelligence. He is a pioneer in several areas of research, among them wireless tiny medical robots, gecko-inspired adhesives, and bio-inspired miniature robots.

Falling Walls Metin Sitti Physical Intelligence millirobot robotics ETH Zurich Breakthrough of the Year

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Schüler gestalten mit Künstlicher Intelligenz die Welt von morgen

09 November 2020 News Tübingen

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz präsentiert am 14. November Finalistinnen und Finalisten im Livestream

Der Bundeswettbewerbs Künstliche Intelligenz (BWKI) 2020 steuert auf sein Finale zu. Am 14. November steht die Abschlussveranstaltung an, die in diesem Jahr einen virtuellen Hackathon mit der offiziellen Preisverleihung für die besten KI-Projekte verbindet. Am großen „KI-Tag“ werden Jugendliche ihre Kreativität und Coding Skills in einem virtuellen Hackathon unter Beweis stellen. Im Team entwickeln sie innerhalb von acht Stunden ein Konzept und einen Prototypen. Organisiert und betreut wird der Hackathon unter anderem durch die Vorjahresgewinner des Wettbewerbs.

BWKI Tübingen AI Center Universität Tübingen Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme

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Cyber Valley expands its Start-up Network with AIRAmed and Computomics

29 October 2020 Press Release Tübingen

Tübingen start-ups offer fast and objective AI analysis in the health and agricultural sectors

The Cyber Valley Start-up Network continues to grow: it recently welcomed AIRAmed and Computomics to its network of young AI companies in the Cyber Valley ecosystem. With the addition of these two members, the network now counts 17 start-ups from the Stuttgart-Tübingen region.

Start-up Network AIRAmed Computomics AI Machine Learning

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Seeding and Early Funding Opportunities

21 October 2020 News

Third virtual workshop of the Cyber Valley Entrepreneurship Series on October 29.

The Cyber Valley Start-up Network is holding the third edition of its Entrepreneurship Series on October, 29, 2020, from 2:00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. This time, the event will focus on “Seeding and Early Funding Opportunities”.

Entrepreneurship Series Start-up Network Innovation Seeding Funding

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Female Leadership in Cyber Valley

12 October 2020 News

Virtual event on the topic of Female Leadership in Cyber Valley in the context of this year’s Frauenwirtschaftstage on Thursday, October 15, 2020, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

female leaders female leadership female entrepreneurship machine learning robotics computer vision human computer interaction simulation sciences

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Bernhard Schölkopf gewinnt den Deutschen KI-Innovationspreis

02 October 2020 Press Release Berlin

WELT zeichnet Top-Leistungen bei Künstlicher Intelligenz aus

Der Spitzenforscher fördert und betreibt seit Jahren anwendungsnahe Spitzenforschung im Bereich der Künstlichen Intelligenz. Er ist einer der international angesehensten KI-Forscher und eine der prägendsten Persönlichkeiten der globalen Machine Learning Szene.

Axel Springer Welt KI-Preis Innovation Bernhard Schölkopf Berlin Machine Learning KI AI Maschinelles Lernen

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Funded Ph.D. Positions at the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems

02 October 2020 News

The Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen collaborate to offer an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program, the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems (IMPRS-IS). This doctoral program will accept its fifth generation of Ph.D. students in spring of 2021.

Thumb ticker md cls image

The Max Planck-ETH PhD program: Call for Applications

29 September 2020 News

The Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems is offering funded PhD positions for 2021.

The deadline for applications is November 2, 2020.

Center for Learning Systems CLS ETH Zurich Max Planck Society PhD program

Thumb ticker md thumb ticker md adobestock 333082100

ELLIS PhD Program: Call for Applications

22 September 2020 News

Application deadline: 1.12.2020

The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems offers an interdisciplinary PhD program. The ELLIS PhD program is a key element of the ELLIS initiative and its goal is to foster and educate the best talent in machine learning related research areas by pairing outstanding students with leading academic and industrial researchers in Europe.

Thumb ticker md eed949ae ff02 4c9f 936e c6955334148d 1 105 c

New AI in medicine initiative launched

22 September 2020 Press Release Tübingen

“Offers the opportunity to pool the region’s many strengths and give Baden-Württemberg global visibility in the field”

The University of Tübingen and the Max Planck Institutes for Biological Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems have launched a new initiative for the use of artificial intelligence in medicine and the life sciences. “The current pandemic shows that we need to become faster and more efficient in fighting global health threats. In the future, we must thus make much greater use of the potential of AI. The new initiative offers the opportunity to combine all our strengths and give Baden-Württemberg global visibility when it comes to AI applications in medicine,” said Science Minister Theresia Bauer, who welcomed the initiative for closer cooperation in the field of AI and medicine, on Tuesday.

AI Health Medicine University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Baden-Württemberg

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CMOS chip projects ultrasound movies

15 September 2020 News Stuttgart

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Stuttgart and IMS CHIPS develope ultrasound projector on base of a CMOS chip

Scientists of the Micro, Nano and Molecular Systems Lab at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the University of Stuttgart have developed a digital chip that can be used to project movies with ultrasound. The researchers report on this in an article in the magazine "Nature Communications". The ultrasound projector is based on a special microchip that was developed and manufactured at the Institut für Mikroelektronik  Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS). The chip generates targeted micro bubbles that can be switched on and off digitally (via the chip) in rapid succession. This makes it possible for the first time to protect high-resolution holographic images that change with the time. 

Mikrochip Mikroelektronik Ultraschall Ultraschallvideo Physikalische Chemie

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ELLIS inaugurates 30 research units at leading institutions across Europe

15 September 2020 Press Release

At a virtual event on Tuesday, the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems presented the broad scope of research its units will cover in the field of modern AI.

ELLIS-Units European AI

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Bernhard Schölkopf im #ScienceTalk mit Theresia Bauer

11 September 2020 News Tübingen

Der Direktor des Max-Planck-Instituts für Intelligente Systeme und Mitbegründer der Cyber Valley-Initiative im Gespräch mit der Wissenschaftsministerin Baden-Württembergs zu Cyber Valley, künstliche Intelligenz und Gesundheit

Was kann künstliche Intelligenz im Kampf gegen COVID-19 und überhaupt im Gesundheitsbereich leisten? Wie gewinnen wir Spitzenwissenschaftlerinnen und Spitzenwissenschaftler und bringen – auch via Start-ups – Erkenntnisse schnell in die Praxis? Was macht die renommierte KI-Forschungskooperation Cyber Valley zum Erfolgsmodell und wie erreichen wir mehr internationale Vernetzung und eine eigene europäische Handschrift bei KI?

#ScienceTalk Maschinelles Lernen KI Künstliche Intelligenz Bernhard Schölkopf Theresia Bauer MWK COVID-19

Thumb ticker md merkel7

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann visit Cyber Valley

09 September 2020 Press Release Tübingen

In several virtual tours, they gained insights into the latest research on artificial intelligence

“Cyber Valley is a prime example of Germany’s attractiveness of Germany as a location for AI. Science and business are working hand in hand and showing how excellent research can be successfully transferred into innovative applications and business models,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, following a virtual tour of Cyber Valley facilities with Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg. “The Federal Government will continue to support AI research and technology transfer. With the ‘Future Package’, we are providing an additional two billion euros for AI ecosystems of international appeal, attractive conditions for talent, and state-of-the-art computing infrastructures.”

Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel Ministerpräsident Winfried Kretschmann Besuch KI Machine Learning Start-ups

Thumb ticker md 200907 press release investor network

Cyber Valley launches Investor Network

07 September 2020 Press Release Stuttgart/Tübingen

Europe’s largest AI research consortium attracts interest from some of the world’s most successful venture capital firms

World-class science in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted seasoned mentors with investors committed to nurturing innovative ideas: local, national, and international venture capital (VC) firms will help young scientists within the Cyber Valley ecosystem to master the skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs. Their support will foster a breeding ground for the AI jobs of the future. Baden-Württemberg is one of the world’s strongest economies with a long history of start-ups that have become leading global players. The Cyber Valley Investor Network will continue to drive this success forward by helping create the AI companies of the future. Mentorship will enable entrepreneurs to turn world-class Cyber Valley AI research into leading new companies.

Investor Network Start-up Network IMPRS-IS Start-ups Venture Capital

Thumb ticker md image001 1 2

KI-Cube von Cyber Valley Start-up Colugo in Potsdam

05 September 2020 News

Anlässlich des 30. Jahrestages der Wiedervereinigung beginnt am Wochenende in Potsdam die EinheitsEXPO unter dem Motto „30 Jahre – 30 Tage – 30 x Deutschland“. Ein vom Tübinger Unternehmen Colugo, Mitglied im Cyber Valley Start-up Network, für das Land Baden-Württemberg gestalteter Ausstellungskubus ist dort bis zum 4. Oktober 2020 für Besucherinnen und Besucher zu bestaunen.

Colugo Cyber Valley Start-up Network Cyber Valley Artificial Intelligence Exhibition

Thumb ticker md 051 20 aamirahmad nvidia

Intelligent and cooperative aerial robots

01 September 2020 News

Dr. Aamir Ahmad appointed new Tenure-Track Professor at the University of Stuttgart

They do not think like us, they do not see like us, they do not navigate like us. Accordingly, the communication and cooperation between robots is different from that between humans. Dr. Aamir Ahmad has been appointed to the first professorship for flight robotics at the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Controls (IFR) at the University of Stuttgart from September 1, 2020. He focuses on the perception of robotic systems with a particular emphasis on aerial robots. Previously, he was a research group leader in the Perceiving Systems Department at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen.

Aamir Ahmad Aerial Robotics Robotic Systems Cyber Valley University of Stuttgart

Thumb ticker md keplinger christoph geringauflo%cc%88send

Christoph Keplinger joins the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems as new Director

25 August 2020 Press Release Stuttgart

With the appointment of the 36-year old Austrian, the Max Planck Society has attracted a world-renowned scientist whose background and expertise perfectly complement and extend the research at MPI-IS and within the Cyber Valley ecosystem

Dr. Keplinger’s research focuses on fundamentally challenging current limitations of materials and components used to build robots. He is regarded as a pioneer in the field of bio-inspired soft robotics and a rising star in the international robotics and materials science communities. As an MPI-IS director, he has founded the new “Robotic Materials” department. Dr. Keplinger will have a decisive influence on the future development of the institute as well as on the excellence of Cyber Valley, Europe’s largest research consortium in the field of AI.

Christoph Keplinger Director Robotics Soft Robotics Energy Capture Cyber Valley Stuttgart

Thumb ticker md p1000071 kopie

From picking up a cube to writing with a pen – learning dexterous manipulation skills on real-world robotic systems

28 July 2020 Press Release Tübingen

MPI-IS in Tübingen is hosting a challenge that aims to advance the state of the art in robotic manipulation and make the field more accessible to a greater number of researchers

From August 3, researchers around the world are invited to take part in a challenge where each team can run its algorithm on standardized robotic platforms. The tasks range from manipulating a cube to writing with a pen. Participants can advance research, demonstrate that their algorithm works best not only in simulation but also on a real-world task, and win prizes.

Thumb ticker md adobestock 349450332

IMPRS-IS sends a new generation of young scientists into the world

23 July 2020 Press Release

Six doctoral students graduate only three years after the launch of this interdisciplinary research school

IMPRS-IS AI machine learning graduation doctoral program ph.d. program computer vision robotics

Thumb ticker md peterdayan

“Tübingen offers the perfect environment for our work”

22 July 2020 News Tübingen

Interview with AI pioneer Peter Dayan about life and work in Cyber Valley

Peter Dayan is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of theoretical and experimental neuroscience. Dayan, 54, is managing director of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen. He also holds a Humboldt Professorship, the most valuable research award in Germany, in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Tübingen. Dayan’s research combines the overlapping fields of neuroscience, medicine and machine learning. He is also regarded as a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence. In the interview, Dayan describes, amongst other things, his fascination with this field of research and how he has settled in Tübingen.

Peter Dayan University of Tübingen Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics Humboldt Foundation IMPRS GTC Machine Learning AI

Thumb ticker md mackejakob012

Jakob Macke: new professor for Machine Learning

17 July 2020 News Tübingen

Second professorship within Tübingen’s Cluster of Excellence

Dr. Jakob Macke (born 1982) has been appointed to the professorship for Machine Learning in Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Tübingen. This professorship was established in the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning – New Perspectives for the Sciences” as of the summer semester 2020.

Cluster of Excellence University of Tübingen Machine Learning

Thumb ticker md bildschirmfoto 2020 07 10 um 11.18.32

Sebastian Trimpe appointed full professor at RWTH Aachen University

10 July 2020 Press Release Stuttgart

The Cyber Valley research group leader has taken on the “Data Science in Mechanical Engineering” chair

Sebastian Trimpe Cyber Valley Intelligent Control Systems research Michael J. Black RWTH Aachen machine learning data science control theory

Thumb ticker md mlss20  1

Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS) Tübingen: the first-ever virtual event starts with a bang

07 July 2020 News

Participants from 39 countries on five continents are attending the online event. Cyber Valley is a co-organizer.

With lectures, round table discussions, and social events, several of the world's top machine learning scientists are interacting with promising young researchers at the Machine Learning Summer School

MLSS 2020 Machine Learning School

Thumb ticker md adobestock 251838311

Bernhard Schölkopf holds keynote speech at online event “No one size fits all: Artificial Intelligence as Key Technology for Personalised Medicine”

03 July 2020 News

Brussel/Tübingen – Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that are key to Europe’s future. The areas of application are manifold, but not yet fully anchored in society. In the field of healthcare, the crucial role that data collection and analysis can play in the treatment of diseases has already been recognised. Personalised medicine is one out of many key applications of this modern data-driven approach to healthcare. Cross-disciplinary collaboration and a strong European network of AI hubs are needed to lever the full potential of AI.

ai Theresia Bauer Bernhard Schölkopf Brüssel ratspräsidentschaft Machine Learning KIO Health

Thumb ticker md adobestock 61618210

IAV Develops Intelligent Early Detection System for Corona

30 June 2020 Press Release Berlin

IAV, the engineering specialist from Berlin and Cyber Valley partner, has developed a concept that derives information about the spread of Covid-19 from the intelligent evaluation of publicly available data and results from the analysis of wastewater samples taken from the sewerage network. It is thus possible to pinpoint and detect sources of infection much faster and with greater precision. The next step consists in putting the concept to the test in a pilot project.

iav engineering Covid19 Corona Covid-19 pandemic

Thumb ticker md gorecki portrait

Master’s student Mila Gorecki from Tübingen receives Women’s STEM Award

24 June 2020 News Tübingen

Mila Gorecki awarded for bachelor’s thesis on the identification of sources of unfairness in algorithmic decisions

Mila Gorecki, a student of the International Master’s Program in Machine Learning at the University of Tübingen, has won first prize at the 2020 Women’s STEM Award. She received the award for her outstanding bachelor’s thesis, which explores sources of unfairness in algorithmic decisions and ways of mitigating their effects. Gorecki was reviewed by Philipp Hennig, Professor for the Methods of Machine Learning at the University of Tübingen, and supervised by Alexandra Gessner, a PhD student in Hennig’s department. Hennig is a member of the “Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science” Cluster of Excellence and Deputy Spokesperson of the Cyber Valley Executive Board.

Machine Learning STEM Award

Thumb ticker md 3.bengio yoshua credit camille gladu drouin dec2019

Yoshua Bengio hält Max Planck Lecture 2020

23 June 2020 News

Der diesjährige Vortrag findet am 23. Juni online statt

Der weltweit führende Wissenschaftler auf dem Gebiet des Deep Learning wird erörtern, wie maschinelles Lernen in Kombination mit Kontaktverfolgung eingesetzt werden könnte, um die Verbreitung von COVID-19 einzudämmen.

Deep Learning COVID-19 contact tracing Yoshua Bengio machine learning Max Planck Lecture Health

Thumb ticker md 000498

New video-based approach to 3D motion capture makes virtual avatars more realistic than ever

17 June 2020 News

With Video Inference for Body Pose and Shape Estimation (VIBE), scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems have developed a neural network that makes video-based 3D motion capture more accurate, faster, and less expensive

VIBE 3D-Bewegungserfassung Computer Vision virtuelle Avatare

Thumb ticker md quadruped robot mpi for intelligent systems w.scheible 2

Four-legged robot makes research comparable worldwide

16 June 2020 News Tübingen/Stuttgart/New York

Solo 8 is a new research robot, developed as an open-source project in the German cities of Tübingen and Stuttgart. The dog-resembling, torque-controlled quadruped is capable of very dynamic movements. It is made entirely of 3D printed parts and off-the-shelf components, which makes it an easy to replicate platform ideal for fundamental research in legged locomotion and robotic education. The project aims to provide robotic research labs around the world with an easy-to-assemble legged robot kit that doesn’t break the bank. Additionally, software on Solo 8 is constantly improved and publicly available on GitHub. In return, the scientists of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems hope to exchange insights with other teams. Running experiments on the same platform creates comparative data – an ideal foundation for rapid progress in the research field of robotics.

solo solo 8 robot dog quadruped 3d print robotic robotic research

Thumb ticker md zwolf pneufish 1

Swimming robot gives valuable insights into locomotion of fish

09 June 2020 Press Release Stuttgart

Researchers study morphological intelligence encoded into the physical system of animals

The community of researchers developing robot-models that are designed according to the morphological intelligence of animals is growing steadily. Roboticists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and Harvard University study a swimming soft robot and its wave-like propulsion under water. From their findings about the parameters which influence the thrust force of the robot, they then draw conclusions about the complex locomotion of fish.

MPI-IS Harvard University robotics fish motion

Thumb ticker md 20181213 ps team wolfram scheible10

Cyber Valley partner institutions shine once again at leading international conferences

08 June 2020 Press Release Tübingen

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, the University of Tübingen, and the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence have had a total of 27 papers accepted to the upcoming and Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern (CVPR) and International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)


CVPR ICML MPI-IS University of Tübingen BCAI

Thumb ticker md ju6iw dqbtq kopie

AI meets art: Tübingen scientists reinterpret masterpieces

29 May 2020 News Tübingen

Installation of the “Lunar Ring” group at the Kunsthalle Tübingen running until June 14

In its announcement of a very unique installation, the Kunsthalle Tübingen asks: “Who’s painting?” The question is justified: the pieces on display, which tie in with 20th century art, are not man-made.

Tübingen Kunsthalle Machine Learning AI Start-up

Thumb ticker md 200519 pm start ups

Cyber Valley welcomes five new members to its Start-Up Network

19 May 2020 Press Release

Testimony to the broad scope of AI expertise in southwestern Germany

Five new companies from the Stuttgart/Tübingen region in southwestern Germany have joined the Cyber Valley Start-Up Network. The innovative technologies and products of AmbiGate, Cytolytics, Mojin Robotics, plus10 and Tactai aim to achieve ground-breaking improvements in the fields of public health, manufacturing, and customer service. These start-ups join ten other companies that are already part of the Cyber Valley Start-Up Network.

Start-Up Network

Thumb ticker md gruppenfoto

Der kybernetische Regelkreis im Kampf gegen COVID-19

18 May 2020 News Stuttgart

Forscherinnen und Forscher des Instituts für Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik der Universität Stuttgart entwickeln ein Modell, mit dem sie die COVID-19 Epidemie in Deutschland unter der Anwendung von regelungstechnischen Methoden analysieren und Strategien für die Anordnung von Maßnahmen entwickeln. Die Cyber Valley Doktoranden und Professoren, die sich bisher Algorithmen widmeten, mit denen zum Beispiel autonom fahrende Autos sicher an ihr Ziel kommen, lösen damit das Problem, wie man heute Entscheidungen über Dinge trifft, deren Auswirkungen man nicht kennt und wo die Datenlage sehr ungenau ist. Ziel ist es, eine dynamische Handlungsstrategie zu entwerfen, mit der die Zahl der Infizierten minimiert werden kann, ohne übermäßige soziale und wirtschaftliche Kosten zu verursachen.

COVID-19 Frank Allgöwer Corona prädiktiver Algorithmus Institut für Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik kybernetische Regelkreis IMPRS-IS International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems autonomes Fahren Health

Thumb ticker md adobestock 336423202

Scientists in Tübingen develop 3D head model that can be used to design better-fitting protective gear

24 April 2020 Press Release

The FLAME model makes it possible to create realistic 3D head shapes capable of accurately mimicking human facial expressions. It could help designers come up with more comfortable protective masks for faces of different shapes and sizes.

FLAME Michael Black Tübingen COVID-19 Corona Maschinelles Sehen Computer Vision facemasks Health

Thumb ticker md phone de 03 white background

CoroNotes: New app supports medical research on COVID-19

17 April 2020 Press Release

CoroNotes is available on GooglePlay and will soon be released in the Apple App Store

Due to technical problems, Coronotes is not currently available

Scientists from the Tübingen Competence Center for Machine Learning and physicians from the University Hospital of Tübingen have developed an app that uses anonymous health data to contribute to a better understanding of the novel coronavirus.


CoroNotes COVID-19 App Corona RKI

Thumb ticker md fig exp2

International team of scientists develops machine learning model that could help inform COVID-19 containment measures

17 April 2020 Press Release

Newly published paper presents research that could make an important contribution to discussions about policies to ease lock-down measures

In a paper released last week, researchers from two Max Planck Institutes, the Zerobase Foundation, ETH Zurich, and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne present a new model that uses data from contact tracing technologies to make predictions about the spread of the virus


COVID-19 Health

Thumb ticker md maskup 1

3D printers run hot in Cyber Valley: Rapid help for hospitals

15 April 2020 Press Release

Medical safety eyewear, disinfectant dispensers and ventilators from 3D printers - experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems are using their technological expertise in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Among other things, the Cyber Valley partners support the #MaskUpInitiative.

covid-19 Fraunhofer IPA Corona Krankenhaus Maskup 3D Druck Health

Thumb ticker md 03042020 rbk fraunhofer

Fraunhofer: “Access checker” remotely measures body temperature in addition to heart and breathing rate

15 April 2020 Press Release

An innovative measurement method is helping to detect people infected with coronavirus from a safe distance. It detects fever, increased pulse rates and fast breathing without endangering the person conducting the testing. Fraunhofer IPA and Fraunhofer IAO are currently testing the procedure at the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart.

covid-19 Fraunhofer Bosch Corona Krankenhaus Fiebermessen Health

Thumb ticker md 20190709 wirzberger maria wolfram scheible2

Maria Wirzberger appointed Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at University of Stuttgart

07 April 2020 News

In her new role, Wirzberger will focus on teaching and learning with intelligent systems

Maria Wirzberger was a postdoctoral researcher in the Cyber Valley Rationality Enhancement research group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen.

Rationality Enhancement Educational Theory Computational Algorithms Maria Wirzberger University of Stuttgart

Thumb ticker md adobestock 188310816 ki

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz startet in die nächste Runde

30 March 2020 Press Release

Die ideale Beschäftigung für Schüler*innen, die wegen der Corona-Pandemie zuhause bleiben müssen: Ab 30. März können Projektideen eingereicht werden. Zusätzlich bietet ein neuer Online-Kurs, der viele wichtige Werkzeuge der Künstlichen Intelligenz vermittelt, eine interessante Abwechslung für Schülerinnen und Schüler, die erst mal nicht wieder in die Schule dürfen.

Winfried Kretschmann BWKI Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz Covid-19 Cyber Valley Coding Schülerwettbewerb KI

Thumb ticker md ulrich hemel

The Cyber Valley Public Advisory Board elects Deputy Spokesperson

17 March 2020 Press Release

The election took place at the board's third meeting on March 5, 2020

The Cyber Valley Public Advisory Board met for the third time on 5 March 2020 and elected Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrich Hemel as deputy speaker. Professor Hemel is Director of the World Ethos Institute in Tübingen.

Public Advisory Board Ulrich Hemel Stellvertretender Sprecher Maschinelles Lernen Tübingen

Thumb ticker md 20200127 alexander brem universita%cc%88t stuttgart max kovalenko2

Neue Stiftungsprofessur „Entrepreneurship in Technologie und Digitalisierung“

06 March 2020 Press Release

Universität Stuttgart bündelt Aktivitäten im Bereich Gründung und Unternehmertum mit neuem Institut

Prof. Alexander Brem hat die neue Stiftungsprofessur der Universität Stuttgart „Entrepreneurship in Technologie und Digitalisierung“ angetreten. Der erfolgreiche Unternehmensgründer Brem war zuvor Professor für Technologiemanagement an der Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg und zählt zu den forschungsstärksten Betriebswirten im deutschsprachigen Raum.

Thumb ticker md logo cv supnhq res cmyk

Cyber Valley Start-up Network welcomes two new members

03 March 2020 News

43IT and eye2you have enhanced the network with two additional fields

The Network promotes exchange between start-ups with an AI-related focus in Baden-Württemberg

Start-Up Network KI MedTech Computervision Objekterkennung neuronale Netzwerke

Thumb ticker md 20200220 vestager 161

European Commission Vice-President Vestager visits Cyber Valley

20 February 2020 Press Release

Scientists from the ecosystem are making a decisive contribution to the future of European AI

At a meeting with the European Commission’s Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, Baden-Württemberg’s Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann, and the state’s Science Minister Theresia Bauer, scientists welcomed the European Commission’s new Digital Strategy and demanded strong support for research in the field of learning AI.

Vestager EU-Commission AI KI Künstliche Intelligenz Wettbewerb

Thumb ticker md 2018 scho%cc%88lkopf bernhard david ausserhofer12

Bernhard Schölkopf receives Frontiers of Knowledge Award

19 February 2020 Press Release

The BBVA Foundation recognizes Schölkopf for his work that has advanced the field of artificial intelligence by teaching machines the human skill of classifying data

BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Awards Machine Learning Causality Bernhard Schölkopf

Thumb ticker md 2020 01 23 staab 005

Understanding the significance of data

14 February 2020 Press Release

Prof. Steffen Staab appointed new Cyber Valley Professor for “Data Analytics” at the University of Stuttgart

Prof. Steffen Staab has been appointed to the “Data Analytics” Cyber Valley professorship at the University of Stuttgart as of 1 February 2020, and will drive forward the founding of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence. With the internationally recognized and much-cited experts in databases and information systems, there are now four Cyber Valley scientists based at the University of Stuttgart. Staab’s focus is in the area of semantic technology, a branch of research which makes the significance of data easier to understand.

Steffen Staab

Thumb ticker md bildschirmfoto 2019 05 27 um 14.31.21

Bernhard Schölkopf honoured as one of the leading minds in German AI research

12 February 2020 Press Release Tübingen

The Director of the Empirical Inference Department at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, one of the world's leading researchers in the field of machine learning, has been honored in Berlin as one of the top ten influential minds in the history of German AI.

Bernhard Schölkopf Inferenz Kausalität Deep Learning Machine Learning

Thumb ticker md img 20200211 112656

The Alan Turing Institute meets with scientists from the Cyber Valley ecosystem

11 February 2020 News

Representatives of the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence on Tuesday gained insights into the Cyber Valley initiative

Thumb ticker md img 1537

Enquete-Kommission Künstliche Intelligenz zu Besuch im Cyber Valley

07 February 2020 Press Release

Mitglieder des Bundesgremiums gewannen Einblicke in die KI-Forschung und tauschten sich mit führenden Wissenschaftler*innen zu den Chancen und Risiken der künstlichen Intelligenz aus.

Thumb ticker md 20200130mst 04

Cyber Valley empfängt Delegation aus der französischen Region Grand Est

31 January 2020 Press Release Tübingen

Experten erhalten Einblick in die Spitzenforschung der Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler am Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme

Région Grand Est Staatsministerium Volker Ratzmann Andre Baumann

Thumb ticker md 20181213 ev team wolfram scheible5

Cyber Valley Research Fund Board issues second call for proposals

26 January 2020 Press Release

Cyber Valley research groups are eligible to apply for project funding

The Research Fund Board finances independent basic research and allocates funds to innovative project ideas that demonstrate scientific excellence.

Thumb ticker md logo

Cyber Valley Start-Up Network is expanding

20 December 2019 Press Release

The research consortium is pleased to be adding Colugo to its recently established Start-Up Network

The Tübingen company aims to bring cutting-edge AI to business in the region

Thumb ticker md adobestock 285418240

Cyber Valley ends third year on a high note at leading global Machine Learning conference

03 December 2019 Press Release

Twenty-seven submissions from Cyber Valley accepted to the upcoming NeurIPS

According to a ranking based on the number of publications at the top global machine learning conferences NeurIPS and ICML from 2009 to 2019, Cyber Valley’s academic partners currently take first place in Europe and Germany. Worldwide, the research consortium ranks 8th place.

ICML Neurips Machine Learning Deep neural networks Bernhard Schölkopf Cyber valley

Thumb ticker md bundeswettbewerb ku%cc%88nstliche intelligenz  1

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz zeichnet Sieger aus

30 November 2019 Press Release

Schülerteams entwickeln Algorithmen zur Identifizierung von Malaria-infizierten Zellen, zur Lokalisierung von Proteinen und zur Voraussage von Zugverspätungen ‒ „KI-Schule des Jahres“ kommt aus dem Saarland.

Winfried Kretschmann BWKI Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz Cyber Valley Coding Schülerwettbewerb KI

Thumb ticker md niki 2

Niki Kilbertus ist "Newcomer des Jahres" 

29 November 2019 Press Release

Der Informatiker ist Doktorand am MPI-IS im Rahmen des Cambridge-Tübinger PhD Fellowship Program.

Die Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI) hat im Rahmen des Projektes #KI50: Künstliche Intelligenz in Deutschland – gestern, heute, morgen 10 herausragende Newcomerinnen und Newcomer der deutschen KI-Forschung gekürt.

Newcomer of the Year #AI50 AI Researcher of the Year

Thumb ticker md img 0790

Amazon gründet Lablet zur Forschung an Künstlicher Intelligenz in Tübingen

28 November 2019 Press Release Tübingen

Der Schwerpunkt des Lablets liegt auf der Forschung von fairer, transparenter und erklärbarer Künstlicher Intelligenz (KI). Ziel des neuen Teams ist es, eine Kultur des Austauschs von Forschungsergebnissen in Form von Publikationen, Open-Source-Code und Daten zu etablieren, um Reproduzierbarkeit, Transparenz und Zusammenarbeit zu erleichtern. Um Vertrauen in KI-Systeme aufzubauen und sie zu erklären, strebt das Forscherteam einen stetigen Austausch mit Wissenschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft an. Die KI-Forschung im Lablet folgt einem neugiergetriebenen Ansatz, der Wissenschaftlern die volle Freiheit in der Wahl ihrer Forschungsthemen gibt.

Thumb ticker md toc image

Cyber Valley launches Start-Up Network

19 November 2019 Press Release

The Cyber Valley Start-Up Network aims to build a community of entrepreneurs in the field of intelligent systems

The network already counts seven members and invites start-ups to apply for membership.

Thumb ticker md 14 izew portrait 19.03.19 2950

The Cyber Valley Public Advisory Board elects Spokesperson

14 November 2019 News

Professor Regina Ammicht Quinn is now PAB spokesperson

The election took place at the PAB's second meeting on November 13, 2019

Public Advisory Board Ethics and AI AI research

Thumb ticker md a7r00601

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft joins Cyber Valley

07 November 2019 Press Release Stuttgart

Cooperation between Germany’s leading research institutions further strengthens Baden-Württemberg as a global hotspot for research on artificial intelligence

Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization Fraunhofer Gesellschaft has joined the Cyber Valley research consortium, which includes the Universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart, the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, and several of the world’s top indus-try players. For Baden-Württemberg, the cooperation reaffirms the region’s position as one of the world’s leading AI hotspots. Founded by the Fraunhofer Institutes IPA and IAO, the AI innovation center Learning Systems offers medium-sized companies a central point of contact for applied research on artificial intelligence.

Baden-Württemberg hotspot research on artificial intelligence Fraunhofer cyber valley Künstliche Intelligenz

Thumb ticker md prostate phantom

Endoscopic prostate surgery performed on a first human-like phantom

28 October 2019 Press Release Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany

A team of scientists headed by Dr. Tian Qiu, leader of the Cyber Valley Biomedical Microsystems research group, and Professor Peer Fischer from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart have made a decisive contribution to improving complex surgical training by developing a very realistic prostate phantom. They then gave the 3D printed model to a medical team from the University of Freiburg, which practiced the surgical removal of the gland. To quantitatively evaluate the results, the group of scientists developed an automatic system to provide feedback to the trainee surgeon immediately after the training session – something that would be impossible with real tissue.

surgery prostate surgery Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart Cyber Valley University of Freiburg transurethral resection of the prostate Arkadiusz Miernik Biomedical Microsystems research group University of Stuttgart Peer Fischer Tian Qiu

Thumb ticker md 20191021 flowattack 15 klein

Color patch could throw self-driving vehicles off track

24 October 2019 Press Release Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen, Germany

Researchers send wake-up call to the car industry

A team of researchers in Tübingen show that optical flow systems based on deep neural networks – a likely component of future autonomous cars – are vulnerable to adversarial attacks. The computer vision experts are shaking up the automotive industry by warning car manufacturers around the globe that it could take a simple color pattern to put the brakes on computer vision systems in autonomous cars.

Thumb ticker md img 20190917 135557  01  01

Das neue Cyber Valley Public Advisory Board legt Roadmap fest

18 September 2019 News

Das PAB tagt zum ersten mal in Tübingen

In der ersten Sitzung des neu eingerichteten Public Advisory Boards definierten die Mitglieder die Hauptaufgaben des Gremiums.

Public Advisory Board PAB Öffentlicher Beirat

Thumb ticker md bildschirmfoto 2019 08 27 um 09.30.48

Cyber Valley establishes Public Advisory Board

27 August 2019 Press Release

The independent committee is involved in the selection of research projects, evaluating them with regard to their ethical and social implications. The Cyber Valley research consortium thus creates an additional element of transparency.

Cyber Valley AI Research

Thumb ticker md  dsc2710

Isabel Valera appointed Group Leader of the new independent Probabilistic Learning Group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

16 August 2019 Press Release Tübingen

The award-winning scientist specializes in research aiming to make machine learning methods more flexible, robust, and fair.

Probalistic Learning Machien Learning maschinelles Lernen Fairness in Machine Learning

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Universität Tübingen bei Exzellenzstrategie erfolgreich

19 July 2019 Press Release Tübingen

Universität verteidigt Exzellenzstatus und wird bis 2026 gefördert

Exzellenzentscheidung Bernd Engler Exzellenzstrategie Universität Tübingen

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Bosch is expanding its involvement in Cyber Valley

11 July 2019 Press Release

New AI campus planned for Tübingen

The industrial company is investing 35 million euros and intends to locate up to 700 KI experts there.

Bosch Industry on Campus Tübingen

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Scope of Cyber Valley research expanded to include intelligent biomedical microsystems

01 July 2019 Press Release

University of Stuttgart appoints Dr. Tian Qiu, a leading scientist in the field of minimally invasive biomedical microsystems, as Cyber Valley Research Group Leader

Qiu is now the second scientist at the University of Stuttgart to be researching under the Cyber Valley umbrella.

intelligente biomedizinische mikrosysteme Universität Stuttgart Tian Qiu

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Cyber Valley präsentiert KI-Spitzenforschung in Berlin

27 June 2019 Press Release

Europas größte Forschungskooperation im Bereich Künstliche Intelligenz ist zu Gast auf der traditionellen Stallwächterparty der Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg

Mit dem Motto "Im Herzen Europas" zelebriert die diesjährige Veranstaltung die Stärken des Südwestens, auch in der KI-Forschung.

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Körber Prize 2019 goes to Bernhard Schölkopf

26 June 2019 Press Release

The Körber Foundation honors the MPI-IS Director and Cyber Valley Scientist for his ground-breaking research in mathematical methods that have made a significant contribution to helping artificial intelligence reach its most recent heights.


Körper-Prize Körber Foundation Bernhard Schölkopf Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

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Eine Bundes- und eine Landesministerin zu Besuch im Cyber Valley in Tübingen

24 June 2019 News

Kompetenzzentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz und Maschinelles Lernen stellte Fortschritte und Forschungsergebnisse vor

Cyber Valley Forscher präsentierten unterschiedliche Forschungsgebiete, um die Vorteile des Maschinellen Lernens für die Gesellschaft darzustellen.

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Canada comes to Cyber Valley

18 June 2019 News

Canadian AI experts gain insights into Europe’s biggest research cooperation in the field of AI

As part of the German Federal Foreign Office's Visitors' program, a group of Canadian AI experts visited the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems on Monday in Tübingen.

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Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz: Schüler programmieren eigenen Algorithmus

11 June 2019 Press Release

Mehr als 2.500 Teilnehmende bundesweit ‒ In Runde 2 werden eigene Projektideen umgesetzt

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Cyber Valley’s machine learning research makes a strong showing on the global stage

23 May 2019 Press Release

Twenty-seven papers accepted at world’s most competitive AI conferences

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, the Universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart, and the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence demonstrate the strength of the Cyber Valley initiative at two of the world's most competitive AI conferences

Cyber Valley Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems University of Tübingen University of Stuttgart

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Minister of Economy Hoffmeister-Kraut visits Cyber Valley

16 April 2019 News Tübingen

Baden-Württembergs Wirtschaftsministerin Hoffmeister-Kraut betont erneut das Engagement des Landes

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing, once again emphasised the state's support for Europe's largest research cooperation.

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First University Master's Program in Machine Learning in Germany

26 March 2019 Press Release

The University of Tübingen sets up an international program of study with a research emphasis on artificial intelligence

"The University of Tübingen has made societally responsible and relevant research a maxim. We want to educate experts who understand not only the potential of the new technology, but also the risks it poses, i.e. experts who are able to consider them, and minimize those threats."

Maschinelles Lernen Masterstudiengang Universität Tübingen

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New height in popularity: IMPRS-IS on track to double size in 2019

19 March 2019 Press Release

"Young, talented people are the ones who will shape our future in the digital world, in science, in business, and in society."

The doctoral program of the Cyber Valley initiative far exceeds expectations. Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Science, Theresia Bauer, is pleased with the high number of applications from all over the world because it shows how attractive the multidisciplinary research landscape in the Stuttgart/Tübingen region is for highly talented young scientists.

IMPRS AI Künstliche Intelligenz Cyber Valley Forschung

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Neues Kooperationsprojekt zw. IAV und MPI-IS

11 March 2019 Press Release Stuttgart

Der Automotive Engineering-Dienstleister IAV und das Max-Planck-Institut für Intelligente Systeme kooperieren bei der Entwicklung von Algorithmen, um selbstlernende Verfahren in der Automobiltechnik weiter voran zu bringen. Die Forschungskooperation ist eine von mehreren im Rahmen des Cyber Valleys, das den Austausch zwischen anwendungsorientierter Industrieforschung und Neugier getriebener Grundlagenforschung zum Ziel hat.

Regelungstechnik Künstliche Intelligenz Maschinelles Lernen iav intelligente Systeme Cyber Valley

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Das Gehirn der Zukunft

01 March 2019 News Audimax der Universität Tübingen; 2D5 am MPI-IS Stuttgart; Tiefenhörsaal der Universität Stuttgart

Veranstaltungsreihe zu Künstlicher Intelligenz

Die Gemeinnützige Hertie-Stiftung und das Cyber Valley laden ein zu einer Vortragsreihe zu Themen rund um KI, neuronale Netze und autonome Systeme und anschließender Podiumsdiskussion mit Visionärinnen und Visionären aus Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft.

Hertie-Stiftung Cyber Valley KI Max Planck

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Cyber Valley-Forscher bei den Science Notes in Tübingen

18 January 2019 Press Release Tübingen

Wissenschaftliche Vorträge zu Künstlicher Intelligenz in Club-Atmosphäre

Tübingen – Wissenschaft in Club-Atmosphäre mit Livemusik, eine Bühne, auf der Forscher in nur wenigen Minuten allgemeinverständlich ihre Forschungsgebiete vorstellen können: das sind die Science Notes, ein Projekt der Forschungsstelle Präsentationskompetenz des Seminars für Allgemeine Rhetorik der Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. Es ging wie schon einmal um Künstliche Intelligenz. Die vortragenden fünf Wissenschaftler sprachen in je 15 Minuten darüber, wo die Chancen, Grenzen und Gefahren dieser Technologie liegen und wie sie unser Leben verändern wird. Die Wissenschaftler mussten ihr Themengebiet verständlich, anschaulich und spannend erklären, das war die Voraussetzung, um teilnehmen zu können.

Maschinelles Lernen KI Philipp Hennig

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Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz gestartet

03 December 2018 Press Release

Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Cyber Valley Initiative – Schülerinnen und Schüler sollen deutschlandweit eigene KI-Prototypen entwickeln – Registrierung ab sofort möglich

Bundeswettbewerb Künstliche Intelligenz Bosch Universität Tübingen Cyber Valley

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Austria's President Van der Bellen visits Cyber Valley

29 November 2018 Press Release

The research consortium presented its state-of-the-art research projects

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Cyber Valley goes AI CON

14 November 2018 News

The AI CON is organized by the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) and the research alliance Cyber Valley and takes place for the first time this year. The aim is to bring together leading AI experts from industry and research to explore the opportunities and challenges posed by this technology. Speakers include Bosch experts such as Dr. Michael Bolle and Dr. Christoph Peylo (Head of BCAI) as well as Prof. Bernhard Schölkopf of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, one of the world's leading scientists in the field of machine learning. Speakers from the USA (Carnegie Mellon University), Switzerland (ETH Zurich), Austria, Israel and Great Britain are also present.

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Visit by Science Minister Theresia Bauer

25 October 2018 Press Release

Tübingen - On Thursday 26th October, Baden-Württemberg's Science Minister Theresia Bauer visited us at the Institute. Media representatives from the region were also invited. The reason for the event was to present the Cyber Valley Initiative - one of the largest research cooperations in Europe in the field of artificial intelligence - to the press.

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Symposium Artificial Intelligence and Society

14 September 2018 Press Release

In the future, artificial intelligent systems will be used practically everywhere, whether as software systems on the internet or as cyber-physical systems in our environment. Artificial intelligence will be used in autonomous vehicles as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. No wonder that research institutions and companies worldwide are working to further boost the intelligence of machines, and that artificial intelligence is considered a key technology of the 21st century that will strongly influence science, business and our everyday lives.

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Top researcher appointed Bosch-endowed chair

19 June 2018 Press Release

Bosch endows the chair with 5.5 million euros: Matthias Hein to research machine learning at the University of Tübingen ‒ Björn Andres, expert in artificial intelligence, appointed to Industry on Campus professorship

Bosch is bringing a top researcher in machine learning to the state of Baden-Württemberg: Professor Matthias Hein, 42, is joining the staff at the University of Tübingen thanks to a Bosch-endowed professorship that the company will provide 5.5 million euros to support over ten years as part of Cyber Valley. Hein’s research is on statistical learning for applications relating to image processing and genetics. His focus is on developing reliable and comprehensible learning processes. A case in point is the development of automated decision-making systems that apply machine learning processes to rule out any discriminatory decisions. A current example of such a decision is when a system is more inclined to approve a loan to a man than to a woman. “Such an example shows that machine learning processes can have a positive effect on society,” Hein says. “This is a goal well worth pursuing.”

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Cyber Valley attracts research group leaders from around the world

25 May 2018 Press Release

Research cooperation in the field of intelligent systems gains momentum

Stuttgart/Tübingen – Cyber Valley is expanding with ten new research groups that are at the forefront of research in artificial intelligence (AI). The groups receive substantial research funding and are led by top young scientists who were recruited from around the world in a highly competitive process. 'The scientists come from the best universities and research institutions in the world to accelerate their research in the Stuttgart-Tübingen region,'' says Michael Black, Managing Director of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and speaker of Cyber Valley.

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Initiative to establish a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems

24 April 2018 Press Release

Warning about the competition from the USA and China - appeal to politics

Europe's leading researchers in the field of Machine Learning - Professor Bernhard Schölkopf from our Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Professor Mathias Bethge from the University of Tübingen, Professor Zoubin Ghahramani, Professor of Information Engineering from the University of Cambridge as well as researchers from the French National Research Institute for Computer Science and Automation (INRIA), the Universities of Amsterdam, ETH Zurich, Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the French elite university Ecole normale supérieure have issued a joint statement:

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International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems starts

11 August 2017 Press Release

The International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems starts with 31 Ph.D. students in the fall 2017 for a new training program.

In autumn 2017, 31 PhD Students will be joining the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems (IMPRS-IS) as part of the Cyber Valley initiative. A new generation of young academics and engineers will start their careers at the IMPRS-IS. They will receive a comprehensive training program, conduct independent research and advance the field of intelligent systems.

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Go-ahead for Cyber Valley

15 December 2016 Press Release

Science and industry form one of Europe's largest research partnerships in artificial intelligence

Intelligent systems will shape our future: they could drive us as autonomous cars, help us out in the home on a daily basis or perform medical services as tiny robots. An initiative by the Max Planck Society and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in the Stuttgart-Tübingen area is bringing together partners from science and industry to establish Cyber Valley where systems can be developed that will be capable of performing such feats. Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg, Theresia Bauer, Minister of Science in Baden-Württemberg and Martin Stratmann, President of the Max Planck Society, together with the other project participants, have launched the initiative on Thursday, 15 December 2016 in Stuttgart's Neues Schloss.